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Qioske – Portuguese Designers – Day 0

Setting up a new project after 11 years away from your home country is never easy, but finding out that in Portugal we have better work being done by highly capable people, than in many other countries, just made us realize the opportunity at hand – to showcase, promote and sell to the world some of our quality designer products. By November we sat down and wrote a plan to put together a unique portal that could gather some of the best Portuguese Designers of today, actually promote them and their work, sell some of their most amazing products and start putting together what we believe will push Portugal into the international design map, where it belongs.

In order to do so we needed not only to partner with great individual in the design industry but also set up a place both physical and online, that could show what kind of quality Portugal has to offer.

Over the last 5 months we have created sales partnership with a dozen Designers already, put together an amazing showroom and office in Aveiro, our Centre of the Universe, with the help of Aveiro’s Genius Architect – Paulo Martins. We combined this unique place with amazing furniture from Belone, a local Designer brand from Agueda and other partners that helped us give our first steps such as Inferência and Aritmosoma, that have supported us with our Business Plan, Accountancy and Project alike.

We believe in our project not because of what we think we can do, but mainly because we know our Designers in Portugal deserves this for some time now.

This is our first step in telling the stories of people, places and artifacts around the country, and the impact we expect them to have in the world.

Join us on promoting Portuguese Designers.

5 thoughts on “Qioske – Portuguese Designers – Day 0

  1. Gonçalo Ferreira says:

    Espectacular… A promover o que Portugal faz de melhor. Adorei

  2. Gonçalo Ferreira says:

    Espectacular… A promover o que Portugal faz de melhor. Adorei

  3. Abdul Neves says:

    Stunning opportunity and congrats for the initiative.

  4. Joel Pita says:

    Fantástico. Parabéns e muitas felicidades e sucessos…

  5. Michele Peres says:

    Congratulation for this stunning, amazing initiative to promote Portuguese beauty and talent . Wish you success.

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